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Getting Untangled

Conflict comes in all sizes. Petty insults cause snags within departments. A senior leader’s behavior creates twists and tangles that tie up other departments. Complex structures and outdated values cause a rats’-nest worthy of an old tackle box. At Untangled, we deliver Coaching, Training, and Consulting in order to pull the best from your teams, teach them new skills, and build a self-sustaining culture. We improve performance without a hitch!

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My Story

The privilege of leadership has never been more satisfying or more complex. Increasing stakeholder demands, challenging business targets, the complexities of multiple generations and multiple cultures have created business challenges never seen. Societal pressures tell us that we need to be perfect at home as well. You need someone in your corner to keep you from getting tangled up.

After 30 years in senior leadership in global technology powerhouses, I needed to rediscover my passion. Pursuing a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution  provided the opportunity for me to connect with a new way of being in the world. As I let go of the tyranny of the quarter and the exhaustion of global travel, I rediscovered my passion for helping people achieve. I am at my best when I leverage my strengths of honesty, humor, perspective, courage, and leadership.

As an Executive Coach, I provide unconditional support to the individual while asking the challenging questions needed to catalyze change. As a Consultant, I keep the humans at the center of the picture and ensure that the processes, procedures, and systems honor the dignity of the stakeholders. As a Teacher, I  focus on removing the friction of conflict to build high-performing teams.

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Services Provided

Untangled Consulting exists to develop leaders and structures that are self-sustaining and that succeed in increasing both business performance and employee engagement. Each of the Untangled Services begin with a proven methodology and standardized process. We are happy to co-create the special sauce based on your individual needs.

Leadership Coaching

Intense Training

6 month 1-on-1 Engagement

The Untangled Coaching experience is all about gaining clarity on what you want to achieve and developing awareness about the true obstacles. The process raises your self-knowledge, explores your stories, and provides a safe environment to consider who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

Conflict Skills Training

Woodshop Tools

Full Day Workshop for Teams

Nothing tangles your teams more than ineffective conflict management. This workshop provides your teams with the language and skills to understand and choose their personal conflict styles, as well as providing the tools to successfully navigate difficult conversations.

Conflict Consulting


Structured to suit your needs

If we could start anew, few of us would build the exact organization that we have today. The Untangled approach focuses on leaders, structures, and systems to evaluate how they serve the people. We lean into the complexities of multi-cultural, multi-generational, and multi-purpose teams.

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3300 Damsel Sauvage Ln, Lewisville, TX 75056


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