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Conflict Skills Training

Nothing tangles your teams more than ineffective conflict management. This workshop provides your teams with the language and skills to understand and adapt their personal conflict styles, as well as providing the tools to successfully navigate difficult conversations.

Key Skills Developed

Conflict Basics

Why we get Tangled:

Conflict defined, human needs, the role of emotions.

Conflict Styles

How we behave when Tangled: Assessment to identify predominant style, understanding the benefits of alternate styles, style flexibility.

Engaging in Conflict

How to get UnTangled:

Active listening, how to have difficult conversations

Who teaches us how to fight?

If your house was like mine growing up, you yelled. If your house was like my wife's house growing up, no one ever raised their voice. Putting two people together, each with their own expectations of how things should be is difficult and fraught with peril. When we multiply this across tens or hundreds of people, who come from not only different homes, but sometimes different cultures and continents, and we layer in power differentials, identity triggers, and immature emotional language, it is a wonder that anything is accomplished!

This workshop is about teaching your teams to untangle themselves. They will learn the nature of conflict, a deeper emotional language, and critical communications skills. The content is delivered as a workshop, where each participant is expected to actively participate. The ideal number of participants is 12, but it is possible to scale up to 20. The workshop is available for a single-day on-site delivery or Zoom delivery over 2 half-days.


Price: $5,000 +  any travel costs 

Ask about special price for Human Resources Leadership Teams!

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