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Conflict Consulting

If we could start anew, few of us would build the exact organization that we have today. The Untangled approach focuses on leaders, structures, and systems to evaluate how they serve the people. We lean into the complexities of multi-cultural, multi-generational, and multi-purpose teams.

Opportunities to get Untangled

Conflict Audit

When the humans inside of a business are frequently in conflict, it usually points to a bigger issue with structures, policies, and processes. With this service, I take a structured approach to analyze the root causes of conflicts and propose systemic changes to remove the knots. 


Mediation is about more than solving the problem. Within a company, it is vital to also restore the relationships and reestablish a basis for trust. As a certified Mediator in the State of Texas, I will serve as a neutral third party to help the parties in conflict come to a mutually beneficial outcome.

Conflict Coaching

Join the team to help an individual or a team to successfully engage in a negotiation or conflict. The service addresses both the substantive and human needs and prepares the participants to manage emotions, communicate clearly, and stay focused on outcomes. 

Why simple fails.

We all love simple. Simple sells. We love the convenience of easy to use, seemingly curated only for us, on-line services that bring the world to our door with immediacy. We strive to build simple into our organizations, our processes, and our products. The challenge is that the delivery of simple is the most complex thing that your teams will ever undertake. Simple requires changes to our structures, our processes, and even our ways of thinking. A rapidly changing environment must consider the complex needs and motivations of the humans. You must lean into the complexity to get Untangled. We don't cut the Gordion Knot, we provide systematic and sustainable change that prevents future snarls. 

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