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8 Rules of Untangled Leadership

How to THRIVE as a leader


Know Your Parts

To truly thrive, we must know how our mind and body work, together. This is not new-age mindfulness and alchemy, but a clear understanding of neuroscience and basic psychology. 


Conflict is Your Friend

 Thriving leaders lean in. They align with their authentic values to ensure success for those around them. If this means feedback or speaking truth to power, they have the skills and the emotional control.


Character is Destiny

We thrive when we are authentic and integral. Developing an awareness and a language about our strengths and values creates options about how we manage our presence and regulate our actions.


The Best Defense is Good Offense

 Play a game you have prepared to win. Staying proactive allows you to set the criteria of success. If you take the pen; you write the story.


Go Slow to Move Fast

Thriving leaders prepare just like successful farmers - they tend to the soil. They establish trust. They enable. They teach. They include. They connect.


Accountability Lands

 We do not win every game. To thrive, we must understand that accountability is conserved; it does not disappear. We need to understand which lessons are too important to not learn the first time.


Stay Off the Rollercoaster

 Everyone is watching. Always. Thriving leaders are never too hot or too cold; they are just right. Executive presence and tone-at-the-top build resilience within your team.


Do Your Real Job

 Thriving leaders build thriving leaders; that is the job. They coach their teams to be successful within their operating environment while serving their boss, their peers, and their clients.

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